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Friday, May 25, 2018

Want to avoid uric acid starting from today, these solutions!

The number of patients of uric acid is increasing day by day. This is a problem which is now happening to young people too. One of my squads whose age is just 31 years old, when they did their checkup, the doctors told that their uric acid has increased. That is, we do not have to ignore that uric acid can not be us.
When the amount of uric acid increases in the body, its first effect is in the form of pain in our joints. After that it takes the form of swelling And if it is not done at the right time, then it can take the form of arthritis. And after that you will be helpless to get back to anywhere. And to avoid this problem throughout life, they will continue to consume expensive medicines. But Ayurveda is said to treat the increased amount of uric acid.

In this problem first you have to pay attention to drinking your food. That is, if uric acid is increased, then what things are to eat and what to avoid etc. And with these things your disease can be cured.

Let us learn about avoiding uric acid, it is important to know how much level of uric acid should be in the body.

In women it should be of 2.4 to 6.0 mg / dl. So there should be between 3.4 and 7mg / dl in men.
Let us know that the proteins present in what we eat makes Purine in our body. And then this makes uric acid. And it emits from the body through urination. And if you stop or get frustrated you may have many problems.

Increasing uric acid content increases the intake of more protein-rich foods and consuming fast food. And this problem can also be genetic to anyone.

Uric acid plays a role in spoiling the kidneys. This happens because this uric acid accumulates inside the body and does not come out.

What are the symptoms when uric acid increases - high symptoms of uric acid in hindi

Lumps should be in place of joints.
Knee pain
Sitting in joints should be painful.
Pain in the joints as well as pain in the joints
Inflammation of the swelling, especially on joints
Feeling bhairak pain in toes and toes and etc.
What to eat in uric acid - what to eat in Uric Acid in Hindi

You should be aware that what uric acid patients should be consumed.

khade hokar bhurle pani na piye


You drink as much water as possible. By this, the uric acid accumulated in the body starts to reach the urine. So at least three liters of water throughout the day, you drink the water.

apple cider vinegar

Apple vinegar

The apple vinegar is very beneficial for our health. Treatment of this disease also does apple vinegar. Take two to three spoons of vinegar in a glass of water and consume it.

Olive oil

This oil prevents us from heart related diseases. It also benefits in uric acid too. That's why you use olive oil to make food.

Benefits of Drinking Ginger Juice

Drink juice

Regular apple juices and carrot juice should be drink when uric acid is formed. If you drink sugar beet juice, you will get the benefit of it faster. Because these juices increase pH levels in our body.

vitamin C

Include things containing vitamin C in your diet. Because things like Vitamin C help in reducing uric acid. In this way you eat lemonade, orange juice etc.

Health benefits of oil made from grapes seeds

Intake of antioxidants

Add the fruits and vegetables to your diet, which contains antioxidants. This reduces the accumulated uric acid in your body. Must eat berries, broccoli, grapes, capsicum, tomatoes etc.


You should consume more of the fiber content. This results in uric acid control.

Advantages of drinking coconut water in the morning

coconut water

Take regular coconut water. With this it will control your uric acid.

What should not be consumed in uric acid -

No alcohol and no smoking. This is because they both increase uric acid in the body.
Do not eat more proteins. Do not eat eggs, etc. This can increase the problem.
Do not eat anything that is made in bakery.
Do not eat water while eating meals. Take one hour before eating it and take one hour after eating it.
Avoid meat. Because it also increases the level of uric acid.
Do not eat spinach, curd, pickle and dry fruits too.
Avoid eating lentils rice.
Do not forget to eat any food that is packed. Avoid packing chips, cold drinks, and fast food.
Do not forget to eat milk before cooking the night and do not eat milk. Not only this, lentils do not have to eat in dinner.

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