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Monday, April 16, 2018

Diseases due to lack of salt

Sodium occurs in salt, and many diseases can be caused due to the lack of this sodium. Know the diseases caused by salt deficiency and its prevention.

Like salt is essential for the taste of food, so also for our body and health. Today, know that on diseases caused by lack of salt.

Salt is the source of our body's sodium fillip. An adult needs 132-148mg of salt per day. Sodium in salt is needed for the body to work correctly in the body of magnesium and potassium, which is supplied with fruits etc. If a person has less than 118mg of sodium in a person's body then it can also be deadly.
It starts with weakness and dizziness, but people ignore these early symptoms. The result is this - gradually the situation starts to deteriorate. Your memory has a deep impact. You can become Alzheimer's patient. Iodine present in the salt gives strength to the bones.

If the amount of salt in your body gets reduced, then you may be at risk of osteoporosis. Women should take special care, because osteoporosis is most likely to occur in women.

Reducing the intake of salt also increases the amount of iron in the body and it is not good to have more iron in the body. Difficulty in digestion, hair fall, black spots in the teeth will look like you gutkha.

Body flutter

Lack of salt causes people to have low BP problems. Along with this, a separate complaint has also been seen in a lot of people, and that is the sudden flood of the body. Your body will not be so weighty, but a flowered flower will look. The amount of lipids in the body will overwhelm your body. Such a body also becomes a home for diseases.

You have been shown to be the cause of stomach disorder, but have you known that, as much salt can lead to cancer, there is less chance of cancer from less salt.

Chances of cancer

Now you will not think that it is taking more salt than yesterday. By taking any thing or more in small quantities, the balance of the body starts to deteriorate and spoiling the balance is a risk bell. Take everything in the right quantity, you will be well and your family will be happy too.

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